5 Reasons To Hire A Landscaper For Your Outdoor Work

Today’s roundtable discussion – we all hate it, unless you are some freak of nature that enjoys sweating all summer and shivering, then sweating while shoveling in the winter. There is a reason contractors that offer lawn care, landscaping, and snow plowing services, because they know people hate the work.

The Five Reasons To Hire A Landscaper

    1. Avoiding Hard Labor – is that even a question to ask yourself? Why on Earth would someone spend their own money on the products like mulch, rock or brick pavers or blocks for a retaining wall to THEN have to do the backbreaking work of laying it down the proper way. No thanks, pass.
    2. Boosts Your Home Value – if you are building the landscape on your own, there is a high chance it will not look that great, which will NOT boost your property’s value. “When you hire a proper landscape contractor, homeowners can be rest assured that when the project is completed properly, their home’s value will increase when it comes time to sell”, Pat, the founder of https://www.alwaysgreenerlawnpa.com says, a regional landscape contracting company specializing in residential landscape construction, lawn maintenance and commercial snow plowing.
    3. Makes Your Family Happy – this goes without saying. Mom and dad are no fun if they are stuck out in the back yard slaving away shoveling rock. And while it may sound like fun and games having junior and sister “helping out”, their production is quite slow and then the entire family is just slaving away in the heat and humidity, still not sure where people would find the fun in that.
    4. Lowering Your Energy Bills – cheaper electric bills? Sounds good to me! Here is how this works. When you plant large deciduous shrubs or trees on the south side of your house, as they grow, during the summer the leaves essentially block the hot summer sunlight from heating up the outside surface of your house. If the hot rays of sun do not get the chance of heating up the siding, that is less work the air conditioning unit has to do, and the less work it does, the less of an electric bill you will rack up.
    5. Quality and Experience Do Not Cost, They Pay – experience and quality service may have an increased “cost” perception, but that is only to the uneducated. The cost of a new landscape to be designed and built for $20,000 may seem like a lot but guess what that buys: a designer that is local to the area (if you just moved to your home from another location this is crucial) who knows the plants that will work in the exact spots based on the sunlight they receive, winter winds, and more. Then a full scale construction crew to build everything with heavy equipment, this can not possibly be done with you, the wife and a wheel barrow. A professional lawn and landscape contractor will have the man power to get the tasks done, in a timely manner which allows you to get your yard back to its restorative state, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Stay tuned for the next one, as we may try to decipher why one would want to take on a landscape project of their own, if the answers are actually true.

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