4 Important Facts You Must Know About Water Damage

Professional restoration technicians know that damage increases and restoration costs escalate the longer neutralization, corrosion control and cleaning is delayed. When homeowners prolong the restoration of their home, they extend the effects brought on by the intrusion of water. There are some things you need to be aware of when it comes to the restoration process:

1. Multiple Insurance Policies For Flood Related Claims

Most assume that the insurance coverage on their property is neutral, however flood damage is not covered under your general homeowner policy. If you happen to live in an area where floods are likely to occur, you will need a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Policy (NFIP).

Ana, the founder of Iowa Flood Doctors, a company that offers Des Moines water damage restoration insists that “when you report your claim to your insurance, specify whether the claim being for general water damage or from a flood, so a contractor knows whom to bill”.

2. Not all water damage is covered by your insurance.

Take a thorough look at your policy statements and understand the potential for any exclusion to your water damage coverage. For instance, most policies cover incidental damage such as water damage from a really bad storm or from an overflowed washing machine. However, water damage that happens because you didn’t maintain the property may be excluded.

3. As soon as water arrives, the clock is ticking

When your property has been water damaged, you don’t have the luxury of waiting around for a convenient time to start the cleanup.

Mold growth can occur quickly and mold spores are everywhere, but they need a solid amount of moisture to grow and thrive. And that is exactly what the wet features inside your house offer.

There is a 24 to 48 hour window from the time an item gets wet and to when mold grows. After that time, the spores rapidly multiply.

To prevent mold growth, you must employ a drying strategy right away. To do this, you’ll need to contract a company that specializes in water damage restoration and emergency water extraction. They will have the professional water removal equipment and drying equipment to get the job done as quickly as possible. Most offer 24 hour service and can dispatch a crew quickly.

4. Call your insurance immediately!

It’s a good idea to call your insurance company right away when you discover water damage. Your agent can start the claim process immediately, and help guide you through the first steps you will need to take to protect your property from more damage, like stopping the source of the water at the main water turnoff or bagging sand if your home has a flood.

Water damage can be dangerous and expensive, so preventing water damage is an important part of home maintenance. But if you know the basics of what to do once it happens, you can prevent it from doing its worst.

Here are additional water damage repair tips:

Top Reasons To Have Landscaping On Your Property

Landscaping is important because it helps by contributing to our well being thus improving our overall quality of life. Landscapes provide a much broader context within our lives. It goes without saying that living in a home which is surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing landscape which is also culturally pleasing enhances our sense of wellbeing. In a way, it helps you reconnect with nature which ensures that your mind and body are reinvigorated. That’s why it is so imperative to only hire the very best landscaping service provider.

A professional landscaping service will offer everything needed to make sure that your yard space or lawn is thriving and healthy. Whether it is basic lawn care or the installation of sprinklers or new sod, good professional services can make a significant difference.

The Benefits of Residential Landscaping

While as you might imagine there are many benefits of a well designed and managed landscape, the fact is that most homeowners will opt for it primarily because it looks good. Though there are a couple of other benefits worth considering especially if you are weighing doing it yourself against hiring a professional.

  • Adds value to your residence: Regardless of where you live, or the size of your home it is estimated that a well designed and thought of landscape can add up to 12% percent to its value.
  • Directs the flow of water: A well planned landscape helps by directing the flow of water so you’ll not have any issues with it. Water issues are generally reasonably common in DIY landscapes.
  • Solid Planning: Professionally designed landscapes use trees for shelter or shade, the shrubs are placed in a way so that they direct cool breeze during the summer and the open areas are where the winter snow accumulates.
  • Easier Navigation: If you have a large yard or an odd shaped one landscaping makes navigating through it more comfortable. Walkways will help to keep the water and mud from being tracked into your home.
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