What Time Of Year Is Best To Trim Your Trees

To keep your trees looking their absolute best, occasional tree trimming and pruning is highly recommended. Many people ask – “what is the best time time to trim your trees?” There are several parameters that define the answers to that question.

Like all plants and flowers, trees operate on a cycle of growth and dormancy each year. Trimming can be done during any season even if a tree is in its dormant phase. It is best to narrow down your trimming to solve a problem your tree may be suffering from.

Winter Tree Trimming

Wintertime is when your trees are not actively growing and this makes it a very popular time of year to prune branches.  Especially because most trees do not have leaves during the winter, making it easier to find the problems your trees may have such as disease or issues with growth. The beauty of trimming trees in the winter is that it encourages new growth once spring arrives, however it is best to trim trees in the winter after the coldest part of the season has past. Otherwise the tree could be susceptible to injury during a cold snap if it was recently pruned.

Nearly all trees in the cool climate zones can be trimmed in the winter.

Spring and Summer Tree Trimming

Most tree species fair well when pruned in the spring time. It is best to do so before the leaves start to visually take over the tree, because they make cover up problem areas that should be removed when trimming, trees also expel a lot of energy producing buds and leaves so it is best to prune before buds start to grow, as explained in this video.

If leaves have begun to grow, it will be easy to spot the problem branches if they are suffering from a disease or growth impairment because those branches will not have buds or leaves on them. At this time you can also clearly see which trees are coming back from winter dormancy and which are not, if this occurs on your property anywhere in the northern regions, it is ideal to get in touch with Tree Service Champlin to come out and inspect your tree to determine if it should be removed.

Trimming in the summer is certainly recommended, however during the summer, the leaves can block out a lot of the trouble areas. If you see dead branches, it is best to remove dead branches. Summer trimming is more ideal for the aesthetics or functionality of a tree. Such as removing lower branches or even branches higher up to increase the space beneath the tree. This is done to ensure branches don’t come in contact with structures or vehicles and gives your property an expansive look if your trees are large.

Autumn Tree Trimming

Fall is one of the worst times to trim trees. This is due to cuts taking longer to heal because the tree is preparing for the dormant season and they are more susceptible for fungal infection spreading. Sometimes, trimming during the autumn cannot be avoided. But if the branches could impact property or are a safety hazard, troublesome branches or the entire tree itself should be taken down at that time.

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