Water Is Amazing, But Can Be Bad As Well

Water is the key to life for nearly all living species in the world. However, it can also become the world’s most destructive force. It has the ability to rack up millions of dollars in damage from moisture. Though this is not the case for all incidents, it can still be a traumatic experience.

Different Types of Water Damage

Before we go any further, there are different types of water damage to discuss and this must be addressed in order for one to determine the resolution for their water removal needs.

“There are three different varieties of water damage that can impact your property,” a remediation contractor stated, his company provides water damage restoration in Urbandale, IA.

Clean Water Damage

Beginning with clean water from a leaking pipe, rain or condensation. This is relatively simple to remove and clean up once the source has been identified and remedies and actions have been taken to prevent more damage. Unless theres a large volume, it is a minor process.

Grey Water Damage

If you have ever been in an RV or camper, you will know about a grey water tank, this is outflow water such as a washing machine or dishwasher as well as showers in many cases. It’s generally harmless but it is not something to mess around with.

Black Water, Sewage and Flood Waters

This is the worst form of water damage bar none. It contains bacteria from waste products and can be outright dangerous to your health. It requires specialized knowledge to remove effectively along with proper equipment.

Preventing Mold

Material that is damp will become a great home for mold and mildew. Any bit of moisture can eventually threaten the structural integrity of your home and of course the health of you and your family. Mold can cause dozens of issues and ailments in children and adults alike. If anything related to mold forming occurs, remediate it immediately.

Damage To Structures From Water and Mold

Once your areas have been remedied, the structural damage of your property must be assessed and inspected, ideally by a professional. Floors, support beams, ceilings and walls may require repairs or replacement if they have suffered from water damage or water logging. Heed professional advice for the situation and you will be a step ahead of the game for removing the water effectively and preventing mold before it can occur.

How A Clean Office Environment Increases Employee Productivity

In old folklore, your space and environment reflect your state of mind. A clean work space leads to a person being productive and constructive. On the contrary, the psychology hoarding and having no organization causes anxiousness and increasing the amount of decisions that must be made day to day. No matter the size of your business, whether it is just you operating a small business or you have a staff of one thousand employees, it is essential to keep work areas free and clear from clutter.

Makes For Happier Employees

In many instances, due to the sheer volume of time that employees spend working, they will treat their office as their second home. After all, an employee spends eight, ten or even twelve hours in an office. It lays claim that a business should invest effort to ensure their work spaces are clean and organized.

Because a clean work desk means zero distractions. It also eliminates the time it takes for you to rummage through a cluttered desk just to look for an important document or a paperclip.

Boosts Creativity

Some employees would argue that the mess on their desk can help them think and be creative. However, scientific studies about clean offices state otherwise and that too much clutter can be detrimental to clear, creative thinking.

Here are three simple ways to organize the desk space to ensure no chaos:

  1. Put office documents that do not need immediate attention in a “later” basket.
  2. When working, only allow papers and stuff that you use at that very time to be on your desk. Put the rest in your drawers.
  3. Get into the habit of emptying your garbage basket and cleaning your office table every single day before leaving.

“Taking the time to remove clutter your office space can help you organize your thoughts. Not to mention that your next big idea might be sitting under the pile of documents,” says the owner of Bellevue Janitorial Services, who’s company services hundreds of offices and has had several clients reach out to them stating how their services allow their employees to “work happy”.

Improves Work Focus

Having a clean office area is crucial to a successful and efficient business.

In a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, 103 student participants were directed to sit in a room with a clean work space and or in a cluttered room. They then moved to a separate room afterward and were asked to work on an unsolvable geometry puzzle.

The Result: Those who sat in a clean work space spent 1,117 seconds on the task, while the other group only spent 669.

The numbers are clearly there, a clean and organized work space is key for a company or organization to ensure their employees work smart, efficient and stay happy.

How Mold Can Effect Your Home

When your home or business property is slowly being taken over by mold, there are more issues at hand than just an unpleasant smell, including damaging the structure of your home and causing health issues. When detecting mold in your structure, the smell is usually a dead giveaway. It is crucial to be on the leading edge of moisture, because it could lead to mold, a costly thing to remove that if left untreated, can lead to health and structure issues.

Spotting The Signs of Mold That Must Be Removed

If you think you might be experiencing mold in your building, here are some signs:


  • Black spores on any surfaces
  • You, your family or roommates are always ill with flu-like symptoms
  • A damp or musty odor that is always present
  • Respiratory issues – mold is an airborne agent and as you breathe it in, it will cause breathing problems
  • Bubbling paint, squishy floors,

Tell-Tale Scent

When mold is present as is beginning to spread, it produces compounds with a distinct stench. If you have ever smelled it before, you know you are encountering a potentially expensive mold remediation and removal situation and there is no mistaking that smell. It is similar to damp and rotting wood, or damp clothes that have sat too long.

Common Places That Mold Can Hide

Mold flourishes in areas where there is darkness, moisture and warm air. Common areas such as this are bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bedrooms, attics and vents. Always check for leaky plumbing, behind appliances where moisture is present such as refrigerators, as well as heating and cooling vents.

Recently Found Signs of Mold?

If it sounds like you have signs of moisture that has turned into mold, it is much better to have it remediated and removed sooner than later. As mold spores are potentially dangerous to you and your family. There are two components of mold remediation for most properties, it begins with cleaning up the area with the mold, then take steps to prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Eliminating Mold Now

Are experiencing mold that keeps coming back to areas such as your bathroom, air conditioning or heating vents? Or have you experienced any form of water damage that is causing mold related problems? Getting in contact with a trained technician for mold removal will allow your home to be restored effectively and efficiently so you can get back to your everyday life without worrying about the effects of toxic mold.

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