A Roundtable Discussion Amongst Landscapers

As spring has sprung, landscapers worldwide are talking amongst one another, trying to stake claim on what the best landscape practices are.

Perennials or Shrubs for Landscaping?

This question is often asked by customers to our landscape designers. The next question we ask is, how much maintenance work do you want to do or hire someone for? Typical landscape shrubs require pruning and extensive watering in their first couple years as a planted specimen. Whereas perennials require frequent watering during their early years but only require pruning when cutting the wilted growth back once – either during the fall after the first frost or in the spring before it begins growing again.

Paver Patios – Permeable or Traditional?

Water conservation is a prevalent topic in today’s current events, another question landscape designers receive is whether customers should have a traditional paver patio/walkway or permeable paver patio/walkway constructed at their home. The biggest difference between the two paver patio structure types are the cost and water run off. The big advantage of having a permeable paver patio is that the water is filtered through the hardscape’s base before going back into the ground.

With a traditional patio, all water runs off the patio and down the street to the storm drain, this can take contaminants such as oil, fertilizer, or gasoline and continue polluting our freshwater sources. If you can afford the increased cost of a permeable paver driveway, walkway, or patio, it’s the preferred choice for many to preserve our ever important freshwater sources.

Things to Consider With Your Landscaping Design

When you have a landscaping project designed for your home, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Here are Pat, owner of alwaysgreenerlawnpa.com‘s top five tips for hiring the best landscape designer to ensure your project is created exactly how you’d like:

  •     How will your outdoor space be used?
  •     How large of an area will your project cover?
  •     Where on the property will the landscaping be?
  •     Is there a swimming pool to be constructed in the future?
  •     Do you want to have a fire place or landscaping shade structure such as a pergola?

The list is longer but those are the basics you must have narrowed down before the project is executed.

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