Getting Yard and Landscape Projects Done in Early Spring

During the dead of winter, there is not a whole lot that can be done for projects at your home, with the exception of snow plowing or interior projects. Though if the weather is bitter cold, it is not enjoyable to be moving in and outside the home when doing renovation projects, frankly it is miserable. Nobody really enjoys winter.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm With Outdoor Projects

We asked Maple Grove Lawn Care & Landscaping Service Pros about how soon they get started with their work in the spring. “The time to act with your yard care and landscaping is as soon as possible, ideally once the snow melts and the ground is thawed enough for a shovel to dig in.” said the owner, a provider of landscaping Maple Grove, MN for both residential and commercial landscaping clients.

They emphasized the importance how short the “landscape season” really is, which for contractors is a narrow window in the northern states where for nearly half the year the ground is frozen and the ground is covered in snow.

Get On The Schedule As Early As You Can

We found out that if you want to be one of the first on the schedule for lawn care and landscaping work, you need to schedule insanely early. Shortly after New Years is when they start taking new prospects in for design proposals, provided their property dimensions are readily available. If you have a larger scale project, it is best to call out a professional landscape designer to your property in fall so they can take measurements before the snow arrives.

That way, when spring arrives, the crews will arrive on site as soon as the snow melts!

There are two phrases to use when it comes to scheduling a big project and getting an early spring landscaping project, that would be “plan ahead” and “have patience”.

This video explains more about their landscaping, yard maintenance and lawn care services they offer to homes and commercial clients such as offices, restaurants, banks, medical and industrial facilities, retail stores and more.

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