Life Without Manual Labor Every Week

Let’s just lay out the facts right away. Doing manual labor sucks. Even if you know how to do the work on building a patio or block wall around the house or along a hill in the backyard. It’s back breaking and if the weather isn’t perfect, it’s a nightmare. Good luck on completing a patio if it’s raining. Especially if you have to work five days a week and have to spend your entire weekend doing the slave-like work of laying the foundational course of a retaining block wall.

Forget that, we can’t spend Monday through Friday doing something we hate, a.k.a. our job to then have to deal with living 100 lb rocks to build the wall all weekend long. It’s much more fun just drinking our faces off with alcohol and playing video games like Call of Duty World At War or PC games like World of Warcraft if the weather sucks while slamming a few cold ones with friends.

Finding Someone To Do The Wall Building

The only thing equally as challenging as building your wall or any other home project is locating a company or contractor that’s competent enough to get the job done right. You’re talking about a serious financial endeavor here so you have to make sure you choose the right guys for the job. Always be checking the reviews, as well as what their website says for the work they do, previous client testimonials, projects they’ve done, this company looks like a quality contractor in eastern Pennsylvania,, they lay out their process for landscaping projects which is a big plus in my opinion because I’m able to know what exactly they’re going to do while they invade my property for a few days all the while I’m gone at work. So a win, win in my book.

This video explains the process of what a retaining wall project endures:

It sure beats the crap out of the idea of having to be outside in the hot or cold pounding away at the blocks to level them, then lift them and stack to then glue them all together. No thanks! I’ll pass. We all agree, that it’s worth it to just spend the money to have a professional do the work than it is to try to do it yourself and risk getting hurt or setting things up the wrong way and having something fall apart. You ever try to hang siding? Talk about a nightmare. But that’s a story for a whole different time. My take on spending weekends building something that can easily be hired to the right contractor, is to just fork over the funds to let the pros do it and focus your time on making more money. Whether it’s with video games and doing competition or starting a new business.

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