What Does It Take To Walk All Day Outside?

Imagine being in a position that every day you must walk outside, all day long. Well this is the case for most lawn care and landscape professional service providers. These guys are in the trenches day in and day out, and by trenches – that’s literal trenches. For days when a retaining wall is being constructed, they are literally digging a trench to put the base material into. Then compacting it down before laying a base course. Talk about tough work!

Where The Magic Happens For Landscapers

Depending on the size of the company, even an owner of a landscape construction firm is out there getting dirty day to day. Talk about tough, tough work to then manage all the quotes, estimates, meetings and more after spending 12 hours in the field.

But the magic really begins once the owner’s able to delegate the tasks out to his crews, allowing the owner to move away from the tedious, robotic like tasks such as planting trees, cutting grass and shoveling snow. Pat, the owner of alwaysgreenerlawnpa.com has just begun that process of getting away from the manual labor, now the task begins of hiring out the redundant tasks such as paperwork, proposal prep, and more. The reason these are redundant is because an owner’s vision is what drives the company forward to continue growth.

If they’re stuck with the tasks that can be automated, growth is immediately halted, and that’s no good. 

The No-Fly Zone

An area you don’t want to ever be is the landscape business owner that’s been at it for twenty or more years yet is still the guy shoveling on job sites. For some reason people “show merit” in a position like that. Likely because most people just work their lame jobs 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday until they die and their life is merely nothing close to fulfilling beyond getting drunk on weekends.

But for the serious entrepreneurs, there’s no better way to seal your fate in having no exit plan of your business to truly be able to enjoy that life that many wannabe entrepreneurs quote of “living your life how most won’t, to enjoy life how most can’t”.  Less than one percent of entrepreneurs even get to be able to reach this level despite their mental masturbation they get on Instagram motivational page. They fail to do the actual work of working on one’s business and building systems and structures in place so they can grow to then sell the business for millions and retire far earlier than their 8-5 working counterparts and friends. 

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