When Hiring A Contractor, These Questions Are Key

When it comes to hiring a contractor for your home or business property, there are practical items you must establish prior to the work beginning. In fact, these are best when asked during a discussion via phone call or email.

  1. Is the contractor licensed to perform the service?
    This question goes without saying how important it really is. Do not under any circumstances just take their word for it! Some unscrupulous contractors out there do not operate with proper licensing. So ask them to provide their license number that was provided to them from the governing body at the state or local level.
  2. How much will the job or project cost?
    “It is imperative to read the contractual agreement you are signing when hiring a contractor” says the owner of Alton Plumbing. Some contractors will squeeze a clause into their deals that they will add additional charges if more time is spent on the job or the rate increases for overtime. Make sure you have budgeted for this prior to hiring.
    a plumber working on a sink
  3. When is payment required?
    Knowing when the contractor wants to be compensated for the work is vital. It will vary depending on the job, some companies will just require payment immediately at service completion for maintenance and repair work. On the new installation side, if the project reaches a certain price threshold, they may require a deposit. Some companies will require fifty-percent down at contract signing and the remaining balance due at completion. Others may do thirty-three percent at contract signing, thirty-three percent at project starting and the remaining balance due at completion. Make sure these are noted in the agreement
  4. Who will be doing the work?
    Contractors will generally have crews or technicians that provide the service at your property. When the representative from the company is at providing the quote, ask who will be completing the job and what level of experience and qualifications they have. If you feel uncomfortable with the answer or if the plumber cannot provide accurate details, find someone else.
  5. Do messes get cleaned up for free?
    This should go without saying, however some home service contractors may do their work at your property, finish things up and leave their mess behind. Whether it be a plumber, siding company, roofers, you name it. There will be liquid, debris or material and parts left inside your home or on the outside for you, the customer to deal with getting rid of. Some companies may charge removal of debris or cleaning up afterwards, so read the signed agreement to be sure!

Always read your agreement thoroughly before signing and writing a check or swiping your credit card and you will surely be set up for a good experience when working with a contractor at your home.

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